We run a total of 3 cold cutting metal saws offering in house cutting on any stock bars.  Cold cutting is not only more accurate but doesnt change the  properties and therefore the strength of the material as with flame cutting.

Structural cutting is undertaken by our Behringer HBP310 and Kaltenbach KBS750 DG bandsaws. These are equipped with digital measuring systems and power on/off tables to ensure a swift efficient process and  consistently high degree of accuracy.  Mitre cutting capability up to 45 degrees is also available.

Smaller sections are cut using a Prosaw H460-A with fully automatic settings for multiple cuts of short pieces.  Combined with auto feed up to 1200mm we can cut without the need for an operative to feed each bar through thus increasing our speed and efficiency and reducing the risk of human error.

In addition we also run a bar cropper for quick  cutting of solid bar including high tensile concrete reinforcing up to 30mm thick.

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