Image for Flats

Mild steel flat bar ranging from 3mm to 25mm thick and 10mm to 450mm wide.


 Weight (kg/m)Metres / Tonne
3mmx 10mm0.2364237
 x 13mm0.3133195
 x 16mm0.3772653
 x 20mm0.4712123
 x 25mm0.5901698
 x 30mm0.7071414
 x 40mm0.9421062
 x 50mm1.10847
 x 60mm1.44695
 x 80mm1.89529
 x 100mm2.36424
 x 150mm3.54283
5mmx 13mm0.4712123
 x 16mm0.6281593
 x 20mm0.7851274
 x 25mm0.9811019
 x 30mm1.18847
 x 40mm1.57637
 x 50mm1.96510
 x 60mm2.36425
 x 70mm2.76362
 x 80mm3.14318
 x 100mm3.93254
6mmx 13mm0.6101640
 x 16mm0.7541326
 x 20mm0.9421062
 x 25mm1.18847
 x 30mm1.41709
 x 40mm1.88532
 x 50mm2.36424
 x 60mm2.83353
 x 65mm3.06327
 x 70mm3.30304
 x 75mm3.55282
 x 80mm3.77265
 x 90mm4.24236
 x 100mm4.71212
 x 110mm5.18193
 x 120mm5.66177
 x 130mm6.120163
 x 140mm6.6152
 x 150mm7.10142
 x 160mm7.54133
 x 180mm8.48118
 x 200mm9.42106
 x 220mm10.3696
 x 250mm11.7884
 x 300mm14.1371
8mmx 20mm1.25800
 x 25mm1.57637
 x 30mm1.88532
 x 40mm2.51398
 x 50mm3.14318
 x 60mm3.76265
 x 65mm4.08245
 x 70mm4.39227
 x 75mm4.71212
 x 80mm5.02199
 x 90mm5.65177
 x 100mm6.28159
 x 130mm8.16123
 x 150mm9.42106
 x 180mm11.388
 x 200mm12.679
 x 250mm15.764
 x 300mm18.8453
10mmx 20mm1.57637
 x 25mm1.96510
 x 30mm2.36424
 x 40mm3.14318
 x 50mm3.93254
 x 60mm4.71212
 x 65mm5.1196
 x 70mm5.5182
 x 75mm5.9169
 x 80mm6.28159
 x 90mm7.07141
 x 100mm7.85127
 x 110mm8.64116
 x 120mm9.42106
 x 130mm10.298
 x 140mm10.9991
 x 150mm11.7885
 x 160mm12.5680
 x 180mm14.1371
 x 200mm15.7064
 x 220mm17.2758
 x 250mm19.6051
 x 300mm23.5542
 x 350mm27.4836
 x 400mm31.432
12mmx 20mm1.88533
 x 25mm2.36424
 x 30mm2.83353
 x 40mm3.77265
 x 50mm4.72212
 x 60mm5.65177
 x 65mm6.12163
 x 70mm6.59152
 x 75mm7.05142
 x 80mm7.54133
 x 90mm8.48118
 x 100mm9.42106
 x 110mm10.496
 x 120mm11.388
 x 130mm12.2582
 x 140mm13.276
 x 150mm14.1371
 x 160mm15.0766
 x 180mm16.9659
 x 200mm18.8453
 x 220mm20.7248
 x 250mm23.5542
 x 300mm28.2635
 x 350mm33.0030
 x 400mm37.6827
15mmx 25mm2.94340
 x 30mm3.53283
 x 40mm4.71212
 x 50mm5.89170
 x 60mm7.07141
 x 65mm7.65131
 x 70mm8.24121
 x 75mm8.85113
 x 80mm9.42106
 x 90mm10.694
 x 100mm11.7885
 x 110mm12.9577
 x 120mm14.1071
 x 130mm15.3165
 x 140mm16.4861
 x 150mm17.6656
 x 160mm18.8053
 x 180mm21.2047
 x 200mm23.5542
 x 220mm25.9139
 x 250mm29.4434
 x 300mm35.3328
 x 350mm41.2024
 x 400mm47.1021
20mmx 30mm4.71212
 x 40mm6.28159
 x 50mm7.85128
 x 60mm9.42106
 x 65mm10.2198
 x 70mm10.9991
 x 75mm11.8085
 x 80mm12.5679
 x 90mm14.1371
 x 100mm15.7064
 x 110mm17.2758
 x 120mm18.8453
 x 130mm20.4149
 x 140mm21.9845
 x 150mm23.5542
 x 160mm25.1240
 x 180mm28.2635
 x 200mm31.4032
 x 220mm34.5429
 x 250mm39.2525
 x 300mm47.1021
 x 350mm54.9518
 x 400mm62.8016
25mmx 50mm9.81102
 x 60mm11.7885
 x 70mm13.7472
 x 75mm14.7068
 x 80mm15.7064
 x 90mm17.6656
 x 100mm19.6351
 x 110mm21.5946
 x 120mm23.5542
 x 130mm25.5139
 x 140mm27.4836
 x 150mm29.4434
 x 160mm31.4032
 x 180mm35.3328
 x 200mm39.2525
 x 220mm43.1823
 x 250mm49.0620
 x 300mm58.8817
 x 350mm68.6915
 x 400mm78.5013