Reinforcement Fabric

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Image for Reinforcement FabricImage for Reinforcement Fabric

Reinforcement fabric for concrete floors and wall.

High tensile wire welded together to form a mesh is which embedded in concrete as it as poured gives much greater strength to the finished wall/floor.

Thin wire mesh is used to make shapes and non flat structures to form concrete around.

All mesh comes in standard size of 4.8 x 2.4m sheets

A142 & A393 also available in 3.6 x 2.0m sheets

 Hole Size (mm)Main wire (mm)Cross Wire (mm)Weight (kg/m2)
A393-200mm x 200mm10mm10mm6.16
A252-200mm x 200mm8mm8mm3.95
A193-200mm x 200mm7mm7mm3.02
A142-200mm x 200mm6mm6mm2.22
B1131-100mm x 200mm12mm8mm10.90
B785-100mm x 200mm10mm8mm8.14
B503-100mm x 200mm8mm8mm5.93
B385-100mm x 200mm7mm7mm4.53
B283-100mm x 200mm6mm7mm3.73
B196-100mm x 200mm5mm7mm3.05