Protecting our staff and Customers

Since the coronavirus outbreak of spring 2020 we have undergone a rigorous risk assessment to ensure the safety of all staff and customers. As well as investing in new mess facilities, changing and washing areas we have implemented a number of measures to ensure employees can operate whilst remaining a safe social distance apart.

We also ask that all customer collections are pre booked and paid in advance. This enables us to process the material for transport and create any relevant paperwork before arrival so the public are on site for the least amount of time.

**Thursday 24th Feb 2022**: Although restrictions have now officially been lifted throughout the UK the management have decided to keep the above measures in place. This is partly due to high levels of Coronavirus in the local area and the need to protect our staff. We have also found it much more efficient process customer requirements before they arrive to fit the work in around other programmes. This does mean we still will not promise a cut while you wait service.